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“Food is the best source of good quality nutrients.  Good quality, fresh food.  There is a role for supplements in supporting health, but only when required – when a person’s nutrient status is compromised and the requirements cannot be met from food.  They should be used sparingly and short term.

In today’s world, environmental concerns should be foremost in people’s minds – from knowing where their food came from, what extra toxic goodies have been sprayed on it for your convenience, to supporting sustainable practices in farming and fishing.  This is something that I am very passionate about in my practice.”

Cheryl le Roux

about us

Holistic Treatments Empowering your health

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Clinical Nutritionist

I am a fully qualified clinical nutritionist, with a passion for preventative integrative complimentary medicine. I am currently practising as a mobile practitioner in Sydney.

I graduated from Endeavour College of Natural Health (Sydney) in 2015 and am currently studying a Master of Human Nutrition at Deakin University.

I practice from a holistic point of view, and treatment involves first and foremost identifying and addressing factors in an individual’s lifestyle and diet which might cause symptoms, or increase a person’s risk for disease in the future. I believe that education is key to empowering a person to take responsibility for all aspects of their health and wellbeing, and educating people to make the best choices for them is part of the journey we embark on together.

As part of the treatment process, it may be necessary to work as part of an integrative team of practitioners (allopathic and complimentary) in order to achieve the best outcome for the individual. This is an important aspect of my practice.

As a nutritionist, Cheryl understands the importance that nutrition plays in all aspects of health, including general well-being.  Her passion for research means that Cheryl is always up to date on the latest scientific discoveries relating to health and nutrition.

Cheryl’s main areas of interest are:

  • Brain Health
  • Cancer Prevention and Support
  • Healthy Aging
  • Nutrigenomics

Formal Qualifications:

  • BSc Computer Science and Psychology
  • BHSc Nutritional Medicine
  • Currently studying Master of Human Nutrition


  • Published author (peer reviewed journal – 2015)
  • Researcher (research assistant in naturopathic clinical medicine)
  • Genetic sequencing technician
  • Working in the industry for a pracitioner-only supplement company
  • Co-founder of Me&My Wellness – an integrative approach to case management to ensure the optimum treatment is received across a range of modalities
  • Fully qualified nutritionist
  • ANTA Registered (Australian Natural Therapists Association
  • Health funds registration (Medibank Private,  AHM, Australian Unity, CBHS, GU Health, HBF, HCF, NIB)
  • Prescription of TGA approved, quality controlled supplements where needed


I was raised in South Africa on a fairly standard westernised diet, with not much knowledge of nutrition or health care until chronic diseases started to appear in the family.  In my case, cancer and Alzheimer’s Disease.  On trying to research for myself on the internet more about these diseases, I was bombarded with an overload of contradicting opinions on causes, prevention and treatment.  But one thing that caught my attention were the roles that nutrition and lifestyle choices play in the cause and management of both of these chronic conditions.  This prompted me to study nutritional medicine at a University level to find out the truth for myself.  It has been an amazing journey of discovery, and one that will continue for the rest of my life!

It’s never too late to start implementing good nutritional practices in your own life, to prevent, manage or even reverse health conditions.  It doesn’t have to be complicated, in fact I believe in keeping it simple.  Very, very simple.  And every little bit helps.  You do as much as you can within your limitations, and that’s ok.  Small steps can make a big difference.  But sometimes you just need a little help and someone pointing you in the right direction.  That’s where I come in!

``When I met Cheryl I was eating lots of sugar and carbs . Through Cheryl I learnt I was depleting my body of nutrition . I am now off the sugar and eat a healthy raw food rich diet. Cheryl has a resourceful, intelligent and therefore compelling way to enable change and growth. Highly recommended!``

Pavel Bitter