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how we work

the consult process

The initial consultation is one hour.  You will be requested to fill out an intake form prior to your consult, so that the majority of the consult time can be spent focussing on the main issues.

A full medical history will be taken, and we will delve into lifestyle factors that are affecting, or may potentially affect your health.

There will be a detailed discussion about your current diet.

Your health goals will be identified and together we will come up with a treatment plan that is manageable, to get you on track for achieving your goals. Supplements may be prescribed if needed.

Functional testing might also be required, in order to get more details behind your symptoms, or to track your progress.  Prices depend on the nature of the testing required.

Part of the consult and treatment plan will include the beginning of a “re-education” process – out with the old myths and superstitions, marketing hype and misconceptions, and in with information that will empower you to make the right decisions going forward.  For most people this is the beginning of a journey of rediscovery – of what food and health are meant to be, how to shop for REAL food, how to prepare REAL food and how to give your body what it needs to be the best that it can be.

Depending on your situation and case, a follow up appointment might be required, and these are typically 45 minutes.  Follow-up consultation can be arranged over skype for convenience if required.

Treatment plans are a collaborative affair – we will determine together what is practical and what makes the most sense for you (this might include: diet and lifestyle advice, supplement prescription, functional/pathology testing).

Prices start at $119 for an initial consult and $79 for a follow up.

how we work

Additional services offered

  • A detailed dietary analysis (using nutritional analysis software) to determine how much of the major nutrients you are getting in your diet and where the danger of deficiencies lie
  • A home visit to inspect and restock the fridge and pantry; or to help to identify potentially harmful household chemicals in common use which can be replaced with environmentally friendly/healthy options
  • A joint visit to the supermarket to help to identify what’s lurking behind the packaging on the shelves and which aisles to stay clear of

These are all valuable educational tools which might have a place in your re-educational journey.

Prices on request.

When I met Cheryl I was eating lots of sugar and carbs . Through Cheryl I learnt I was depleting my body of nutrition. I am now off the sugar and eat a healthy raw food rich diet. Cheryl has a resourceful, intelligent and therefore compelling way to enable change and growth. Highly recommended!
P. Bitter
Cheryl was very knowledgeable, thorough and easy to talk to. She gave me insight and made simple and easy suggestions to improve my diet and my health. She helped me understand the cause of my imbalance. I highly recommend her service
Jane M, NSW